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Mr Strong Squad
Mr Strong Squad
Mr Strong Squad

Mr Strong Squad

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This Squad of candles is absolutely perfect as a gift in the set, or seperate them all up and hand them out at a hens weekend! 


Our Mr Strong candle is hand poured in Sydney Australia, and made from 100% Vegan wax. 

Its the only candle you'll never burn! Each candle is completely unique as each one of them is individually scented and coloured making every single one different from each other. 

If you are wanting to burn him, please place him on a plate or trinket plate as his wax will fall down his body! Keep him away from UV light as this might change his colour and fade his scent! 

He is 10cm Tall. 

Lots of Love

Britt xx


Their scents are: Fruity Selection

     Ivory - Watermelon

     Beige - Vanilla

     Caramel -Salted Caramel 

      Black - Strawberries and Champagne



Soft Selection 

     Ivory - Baby Powder

     Beige - Bamboo and Whitelily

     Caramel - Bali Escape 

     Black - Coconut and Lime

If you prefer softer scents or not scented please email us after you have completed the purchase!